Holly House leads the way with innovative digital theatre

A state-of-the-art digital theatre suite has been installed, making Holly House Hospital one of only a few hospitals in the UK and the first local private hospital to introduce this innovative technology into its operating theatres.

The new technology means that all components of the operating theatre are now fully-integrated and digitally controlled via one touch-screen or via voice-activation. The high-definition cameras and screens vastly increases the clarity and depth of field so more detail and colour definition can be seen to assist the surgeons during surgery particularly keyhole surgery. Any images, documents and patient records relevant to the patient’s care can also be screened on the various monitors so that the surgeon can refer to them during surgery. Ultimately the technology enables surgeons to perform procedures with more information at their fingertips thus reducing procedure times and benefiting the patients.

Each piece of equipment, such as the surgical lights, is ceiling-mounted to eliminate trailing cables and leads to create an uncluttered operating room. Equipment can be adjusted to suit different needs and the entire room set up saved as per each surgeon’s preference or procedure requirements and recalled each time that surgeon operates, making the previously laborious process of setting up for an operating list more efficient.

In addition, the system’s integrated booms, lighting and cameras provide a theatre setting capable of advanced video broadcasting and recording. This means that live video conferences are now a possibility in which operations could be broadcast perhaps for teaching purposes or to another consultant for collaboration on complex surgical procedures.

The fully integrated digital operating theatre is part of Holly House’s refurbishment and expansion project to provide more suitable and modern facilities for the care and treatment of patients. All three of the hospital’s operating theatres will be upgraded to the same advanced specification during the project which also includes a new purpose-built outpatient facility on the site of the former London Ambulance station.

Jackie Row, Hospital Director, said: “The new theatre will modernise patient care, operating procedures and training at Holly House. As the first stage in the hospital’s redevelopment and expansion works, the new theatre really is an indication of things to come. By mid 2012 we should have a fully refurbished hospital, with a superb purpose-built extension, that will enable us to continue providing first-class care but in a building better suited to the needs of modern healthcare and equipped with cutting-edge technology.”

Date: 09/12/2010