GP Service

The Private GP service at The Holly Private Hospital is open 6 days a week with appointments available from early morning until late.

So if you’re too busy to see your GP during office hours, want more time to discuss your concerns or simply want to choose an appointment at a time that suits you, we can help.

All patients are welcome, whether they are registered with us or not. All it takes is a simple phone call or email to book your appointment.

Appointments can be made for any health concern you have and are scheduled to last 20 or 30 minutes. This allows the doctor to listen to you and understand your symptoms, take a detailed medical and family history and undertake a physical examination if required.


Private GP services

  • Consultations and treatment of minor illnesses and conditions
  • Ongoing medical care and management of chronic illnesses
  • Health assessments (body MOTs)
  • Cervical smear screening
  • Medical examinations – pre-employment, driving, insurance and immigration
  • Travel vaccinations
  • HPV and other vaccinations
  • Ear syringing
  • Drug testing
  • Weight management
  • Private prescriptions

We are proud to announce that we are also a designated Yellow Fever Centre.


Follow on care 
Our GPs are supported by our team of 350 consultant doctors who are leading specialists in a range of medical disciplines. So if you need any further health checks or a referral, you will have quick access to a variety of consultants and specialists within the hospital for follow-on care.

Patients are able to access our onsite Diagnostic Centre, Out-patients Department, Phlebotomy (blood tests) and Pharmacy.

So if you require any further imaging or diagnostic tests we can take care of everything from blood tests and urine analysis, through to X-rays, CT, MRI and ultrasound scans, cardiac testing (ECG) and cancer screening (colon, cervical, breast, prostate and ovarian).

Most patients are able to have any necessary imaging and diagnostic tests on the same day, usually following on from their consultation. We work with pathology services and consultant radiologists to ensure fast-track results and reporting.

And if you require any medication our on-site Pharmacy can help.


Frequently asked questions 

Q.  How do I book a consultation?
A.  To book a consultation for our Private GP Service in Essex, please telephone our Appointments Team on 020 8936 1201 or email

Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  You can have a 20 minute or 30 minute consultation.  It costs £90 for a standard consultation (20 minutes) whereas it costs £105 for a 30 minute consultation.

Q.  Do I need to register?
A.  Our GP service complements the service you receive from your NHS GP. So, there’s no need to register as a patient with us, you can simply book an appointment and use the service on an odd occasion or as often as you want. Also with your permission, we will send details of the advice we have given and any medication you have been prescribed to your NHS GP for your personal medical records.

Q.  Do you have female and male doctors?
A.  A number of GPs, both male and female, practice at The Holly Private Hospital at different times. But, if you prefer to see a specific GP or the same person each time this is of course possible.

Q.  Do you offer a walk-in service?
A.  Please note we do not operate a walk-in service. You do need to make an appointment to see a doctor. Appointments weekdays from early until late and Saturdays.

Q.  Why choose The Holly Private GP service?
A.  There are many reasons to choose the Holly Private GP service.

  • First class medical care
  • Appointments available from early morning until late, weekdays and Saturdays
  • Same day appointments where possible
  • Unhurried consultation with patients having time to discuss health concerns with our friendly GPs
  • No pre-registration required
  • Prompt access to tests and diagnostic imaging
  • Unrivalled relationship with leading specialists
  • Choice of female or male doctor
  • Continuity of care
  • Patient-centred, solution-focused approach.


To book an appointment with a private GP, call our friendly appointments team on 020 8936 1201.