The Holly and British Army team up to send essential equipment to NHS

Army at The HollyThe Holly Private Hospital has transferred essential equipment to a local NHS Trust as part of its response to Covid-19.

The Holly was made available to the NHS last month following discussions between government and the independent healthcare sector about how to help the NHS battle coronavirus.

With the help of the British Army, the hospital transferred four volumetric pumps with essential consumables for use at a local NHS Trust. The pumps are medical devices capable of delivering continuous and very specific amounts of fluids or medication to patients. They are more precise than standard intravenous drips and also provide a series of alarms which address issues from battery life to air bubbles in tubing.

Each of the four volumetric pumps will provide essential care to individuals who need a precise amount of fluid or medication administered. As the device can be reused once an individual patient no longer needs it, local NHS staff could end up potentially using the volumetric pumps on hundreds of coronavirus patients in total.

The Holly has turned over the equipment to a local NHS Trust for an indefinite period of time and is also preparing other essential kit, such as syringe drivers, that the NHS may call upon.

The Holly has been working in close collaboration with local NHS services since the virus first hit London. On 23 March the private hospital transferred five life-saving anaesthetic machines to the NHS.

With London coming under increasing pressure from Covid-19, The Holly’s resources will play an important role in the battle to care for patients with coronavirus as well as those who require other urgent operations.

The Holly has committed its 373 staff, 42 inpatient beds and state-of-the-art equipment to the NHS to help fight the virus, and is expecting to receive patients from the NHS over the coming weeks.

Hospital managers and staff are preparing for the influx of patients by ensuring adequate provision of protective equipment for healthcare staff, maintaining regular communication with local NHS hospitals and sharing best practice with hospitals in the Aspen Healthcare group.

David Henderson, Hospital Director at The Holly, said: “We all know what pressure the NHS is under and we’re very pleased as an independent healthcare provider to be doing our bit. We’re absolutely determined to provide whatever support the NHS needs and will continue to help the health service for as long as it takes.”

Date: 17/04/2020