The Holly wins Quality Award for Cardiac MRI Service

The Diagnostics Team at The Holly were celebrating success recently after winning the Aspen CEO Quality Award for their Cardiac MRI service.

The Holly team received the award at The Aspen Quality Symposium which took place on Tuesday 1st November. Staff from Aspen sites across the UK were invited to hear first”hand how colleagues are driving improvements to the care and services provided to our patients.

Guest speakers delivered insights into a wide range of topics, including quality care, patient safety, patient experience, while some of our clinical colleagues spoke about new hospital initiatives such as heart sparing radiotherapy and cardiac MRI.

The Aspen CEO award was given to the initiative that most supports Aspen quality priorities of safety, effectiveness and improving our patient’s experience.

Speaking about winning the award, Diagnostics Manager, Michele Fox said:

“Cardiac MRI is invaluable tool used to evaluate the structure of your heart and assess how it is performing. It helps us to diagnose, assess and evaluate diseases and conditions such as congenital heart defects, coronary heart disease, heart valve problems, damage caused by a heart attack, heart failure, pericarditis (a condition in which the membrane, or sac, around your heart is inflamed) and cardiac tumours.

Cardiac MRI is a painless procedure and, unlike X-rays and some other imaging tests, doesn’t require the use of radiation.”

David Henderson, Hospital Director at The Holly said, “The Holly is the first Aspen site to introduce a cardiac MRI service and we are so lucky to have a wonderful team led by world-renowned Consultant Cardiologist Dr Mark Westwood. We have already had very positive feedback for our new cardiac MRI service from both patients and other referring consultants at the hospital so winning the Aspen CEO award really is the icing on the cake.”

This is the second consecutive year that The Holly has taken the Aspen CEO Quality award having previously won it for the work carried out by their Patient Relations Team.

Cardiac MRI Service at The Holly
Patients need to be referred by their consultant for this examination. We cannot accept self-referrals.

The self-pay cost for a Cardiac MRI starts from £1755 depending on the sequences required (determined by the patient’s condition).

To book an appointment with a Consultant Cardiologist please call our friendly appointments team on 020 8936 1201 or visit our Cardiology page to find out more. 


Pictured left:  Parmjeet Rabjans, MRI Lead; Dr Mark Westwood and Michele Fox, Diagnostics Manager.

Pictured top right: Judi Ingram, Aspen Group Clinical Director, Parmjeet Rabjans, MRI Lead; Michele Fox, Diagnostics Manager; Des Shiels Aspen CEO.

Pictured middle right: David Henderson, Hospital Director, The Holly; Michelle Barclay, Patient Relations Manager; Parmjeet Rabjans, MRI Lead; Michele Fox, Diagnostics Manager; Helen Cairney, Physiotherapy Manager; Luis Pedro, Director of Services and Patient Experience.

Pictured bottom right: staff from The Holly and Aspen who attended the Aspen Quality Symposium.


Date: 14/11/2016