The Holly Private Hospital officially opens new state-of-the-art CT Scanner

Launch of the new CT scanner

Pictured above L-R: Dr Lorraine Kelly, Colin Pellow (Canon Medical Systems), Dr Nicholas Reading, Michele Fox, David Henderson, Mayur Zaveri and Simon Weeden (Canon Medical Systems),

The Holly Private Hospital officially opened its £650,000 state-of-the-art Toshiba Aquilion Prime SP 160 CT scanner on Monday 15th January.

The new CT scanner is a welcome addition to already advanced suite of imaging technology and ensures that the award-winning private hospital has the most advanced cross-sectional imaging platforms in the local area.
The new CT scanner also offers a wide range of benefits to patients and clinicians including improved patient experience and comfort, lose dose scanning, faster CT colonography scanning and SEMAR technology (which means patients who have had hip or knee replacements can use the scanner).
The celebratory event was attended by hospital staff, consultants and colleagues from Canon Medical Services who supplied and installed the new CT scanner.
Welcoming the crowd, David Henderson, Hospital Director said: “We welcome this huge investment in our imaging technology which demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare to our patients. Well done and a huge thank you to our team and our partners who delivered this project on time and to schedule. A particular big thank you goes to Michele Fox, Imaging Services Manager who did a fantastic job in managing the new CT scanner project.”
Speaking about the investment Michele Fox, Imaging Services Manager and Aspen Group Radiology Lead said:
“The new Toshiba Aquilion Prime SP 160 CT scanner provides excellent image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose to the patient, using the latest scanning technology. It allow us to carry out examinations covering all parts of the anatomy but what’s really exciting is that we can now offer cardiac angiography CT scanning at The Holly. We are so excited to be able to offer our patients and referrers the most advanced imaging technology in CT scanning and look forward to welcoming even more patients to The Holly in the coming months.”
To make an appointment please contact the Diagnostics Department on 020 8936 1202.
Key benefits of the new Toshiba Aquilion Prime SP 160 CT scanner include: 
Improved Patient experience and comfort
The Toshiba Aquilion Prime Scanner SP 160 CT scanner is designed to improve the patient experience and be comfortable for patients and incorporates:
  • A wider bore (hole/space) which reduces patient claustrophobia and ideal for patients with limited range of movement and providing radiographers/radiologists easy access to the patient.
  • A wider comfortable couch which lowers to only 33cm from the floor which facilitates enhanced patient comfort when getting on and off the scanner as well as throughout the scan.
  • Customisable i-station for patient/radiographer communication which saves time by enabling the radiographer to communicate with the patient during the entire scanning process.
  • The fast scanning capabilities of this scanner bring the scanning time to seconds or even sub-second. Minimising the length of time patients are required to hold their breath and be on the scanning table.
Low dose scanning
For routine diagnostics procedures the Toshiba Aquilion Prime SP 160 CT scanner offers improved patient safety with lower radiation dose and, in some instances, the benefit of performing a CT scan will far outweigh any risk associated with exposure to radiation.
This also means that in some cases it will be appropriate to scan paediatric patients whereas previously we were unable to do this.
Single energy metal artefact reduction (SEMAR)
SEMAR technology (unique to Toshiba Medical Systems Aquilion range of CT scanners) means that patients who have had hip or knee replacements can use the scanner for diagnostic imaging.
Previously metal artefacts (such as a hip or knee implants) would have compromised the image quality of scans. However SEMAR technology is used to virtually eliminate metal artefacts and we can use the Aquilion scanner to fully visualise patients post operatively in a way that has not been possible before.
Faster CT Colonography scanning
CT colonography is an established imaging technique that allows the visualisation of a patient’s colon from the inside without the use of an endoscope. The Aquilion PRIME enables the scan to be acquired faster with significant reduction of radiation to the radiosensitive bowel with excellent image quality.  Historically, imaging the Colon was performed using a white liquid known as Barium Sulphate and imaged using multiple X-rays which was unpleasant for the patient and involved higher radiation dose.  CT Colonography is more comfortable for the patient and is much faster and feels less invasive.
Cardiac scanning – new service available at The Holly Private Hospital
We have now introduced cardiac-angiography scanning at The Holly. Cardiac CT scanning of the coronary arteries can replace invasive coronary angiograms performed for diagnostic purposes with a non-invasive CT technique. The Aquilion PRIME can deliver cardiac scanning that is more comfortable for patients, lower risk and it is robust, reliable and reproducible.
To make an appointment please contact the Diagnostics Department on 020 8936 1202.
Date: 18/01/2018