Physiotherapy and sports treatments

There’s just never a good time to get hurt. Whether you’re training for a big event or simply working out to keep fit, suffering from an on-going sports injury or from chronic ongoing niggles that just won’t go away, our physiotherapists will get to the root of the problem.

Our physiotherapy and sports therapists have years of practical experience and expertise in treating sports related injuries. They have helped many professional sportsmen and women go on to win medals and helped countless individuals from elite athletes to enthusiastic weekenders recover from injury. 

Our experienced physiotherapists can help: 

  • assess and diagnose long-term problems
  • determine the most appropriate management plan to guide you to the best possible recovery
  • improve your health or performance. 


Are you insured?

The Holly Private Hospital is recognised by all the major medical insurers and as a private patient you will enjoy the benefits of our Premium+ service.

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Not insured?

We offer rapid access to care at competitive prices for patients choosing to pay for their own treatment as well our Premium+ service.

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