Preventative advice

Depending on the specific problems you are experiencing, your physiotherapist may recommend a variety of different treatment and preventative approaches such as education and preventative advice, exercise therapy and/or mobilisation and manipulation. Sometimes we might try other techniques, such as acupuncture or shockwave therapy.

Your physiotherapist will carry out an assessment on you to help determine what treatments might help you most

Education and preventative advice
Physiotherapy involves looking at the body as a whole, rather than focusing on the individual factors of an injury or trauma.

Therefore, an really important part of your treatment involves us educating patients and providing general advice about ways to improve your well-being – for example, by maintaining a healthy weight for your height and build and taking regular exercise.

Our physiotherapists can also give you specific advice that you can apply to everyday activities to look after yourself and reduce your risk of pain or injury.

For example, if you have back pain, we may advise you about a number of things, such as  correct lifting or carrying techniques, good posture and avoiding awkward twisting, over-stretching or prolonged standing.

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