Lindsay’s story: migraine sufferer

Lindsay Weinstein is a lawyer from Hertfordshire. Here she describes her experiences of having Botox treatment at The Holly Private Hospital to tackle her painful migraines.

“I have been under a Consultant Neurologist for chronic migraine since 2010 and have had long-term courses of preventative medication which, although they helped to reduce the frequency of the attacks, had awful side effects.  

I have now had Botox twice, administered by Dr Metha 12 weeks apart, and have enjoyed a period of five weeks between attacks – which is great progress for me – followed by a further gap of three weeks.  

It is almost four weeks since my last migraine and I am hoping I will have a bigger gap still.  It is still early days but the Botox treatments seem to be having a positive effect and are enhancing my quality of life for which I am thrilled.”  

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