Trigger finger surgery

Trigger finger is a common condition where the affected finger snaps, catches or locks when it is bent towards the palm. Symptoms typically include stiffness, pain, clicking, and in many cases small lumps form at the base of the finger.


The main causes of trigger finger are not yet known, yet certain conditions increase your chances of developing the condition. These include:

Women and people over 40 years are also more likely to develop trigger finger.


Trigger finger may heal without any therapy or you may have to receive injections, medication or splinting, which involves strapping the finger to a splint. If this treatment does not work, surgical intervention may be necessary.

The two main procedures are open to trigger release surgery and percutaneous surgery. In open surgery, a doctor will make small incisions along the creases of your palm in order to reach the tendon. They will then release the tendon by cutting the ligament where the tendon is catching. In percutaneous surgery, your doctor uses a needle to divide the restricting ligament. This procedure does not require making incisions into the skin; you will therefore not have a wound and will not need stitches.

Each procedure lasts around 20 minutes and the majority of patients are put under local anaesthetic. After the surgery, you should be able to move your finger straight away but may experience some pain or tenderness. The dressings can be removed after a few days. Full movement will return within two weeks.


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