Elbow arthroscopy

Elbow pain and treatment

Most of us will experience elbow pain at one point in our lives; this may be due to an injury sustained during physical activity, overuse of the elbow, or old age. In some cases, conditions can be treated with medication or physiotherapy. However, in more severe cases and in instances where non-surgical treatment is not successful, elbow arthroscopy surgery will need to be considered.

Elbow arthroscopy

The elbow joint is made up of three bones: the radius, ulna and humerus. Rotation, extension and flexion of the arm are provided by this joint, with the surrounding muscles controlling wrist and finger movement. Elbow arthroscopy is one form of surgical intervention which will allow consultants to diagnose, inspect and operate on your elbow. The most common forms of elbow arthroscopy procedures include:

  • Treatment for osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Removal of bone fragments or cartilage
  • Release of scar tissue
  • Treatment of tennis elbow

The operation involves making small incisions in the elbow joint. Your surgeon will then insert a small camera (arthroscope) and small surgical instruments into the incisions in order to operate. When undergoing the operation, most patients are put under full general anaesthetic.

A consultation with your surgeon will determine if an arthroscopy is the most suitable option for you.


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