General Health Check

Our general health assessment is designed to check every aspect of your current health and wellbeing, focusing specifically on areas of particular importance to your gender.  The assessment will also identify any future health risks enabling preventative action or early treatment.

Am I suitable for a general health assessment?

A General Health Check is suitable for adults of any age, male or female.  However, you may particularly benefit if you:

  • have any health concerns
  • have a family history of illness such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer
  • are planning to take up physical exercise
  • have a hectic lifestyle
  • have recently had a baby
  • are over the age of 50 years
  • have experienced prolonged exposure to stressful situations.

Key features of the general health assessment

  • A consultation and examination with a doctor.
  • Essential health measures including height, weight and BMI.
  • Blood pressure test.
  • Urine analysis to check for diabetes and kidney problems.
  • Blood test to help detect diabetes and to measure kidney, liver and thyroid function.
  • Breast or testicular physical examination (including advice on self-examination).
  • Opportunity to talk through any questions or concerns.
  • A personalised health report and practical action plan to keep.
  • Onward referral and rapid-access to consultants and specialists, if necessary.

Additional tests

At The Holly Private Hospital we tailor health screens to the individual whilst avoiding unnecessary tests and expense.  So, depending on your age, sex and medical history, we may also recommend that one or more of the following are added to your health check:

  • HeartCheck calcium scoring (to assess the risk of heart disease)
  • ECG (electrical tracing of your heart beat)
  • spirometry (measurement of lung function)
  • cholesterol and lipid blood tests (to help assess the risk of heart disease and strokes)
  • abdominal ultrasound
  • prostate cancer screen (over 40s only)
  • bone densitometry to screen for osteoporosis
  • cervical smear and HPV test (to detect the presence of a virus linked to cervical cancer)
  • mammogram (an x-ray to detect the early onset of breast disease)
  • ovarian cancer blood test and ultrasound
  • chlamydia examination for younger women

* Please note some of the above tests will incur an additional charge.

Your appointment

On arrival, your health screening nurse will carry out some basic tests.  You will then see our health screening doctor who will review your medical history and questionnaire, diet and lifestyle and complete your examination.  The whole process takes approximately one and a half to two hours.

Are you insured?

The Holly Private Hospital is recognised by all the major medical insurers and as a private patient you will enjoy the benefits of our premium service.

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Not insured?

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