General health screening

  • Full assessment of your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages, tailored to your individual needs.
  • Preventative medicine to both reassure and identify any health risks as early as possible.




Breast screening

  • Annual breast screening for women over 40 years
  • MicroDose technology using less radiation
  • Supplement your NHS screening
  • Results available within seven days.




Osteoporosis will affect around one in two women and one in five men
We use DXR technology to assess bone mineral density from a standard hand x-ray. Suitable for men and women over 40 years old, the screen is an easy first step towards identifying whether you are at risk of osteoporosis.

Health Screening

Looking after ourselves is a top priority for most of us and our Health screening service is an excellent way to assess your current health and wellbeing, as well as identify any future health risks and practical advice on becoming healthier and fitter.

We offer a comprehensive choice of bespoke health assessments designed to meet a range of different health and lifestyle needs. Corporate and employee health assessments and services are also available, for information please contact us on 0208 936 1201

Would I benefit from a health screening?

Yes! Everyone is susceptible to illness and so can benefit from the positive action resulting from a health assessment. For example, many common diseases, e.g. heart disease, could be avoided or the risk greatly reduced through changes in your lifestyle and environment.

The number one reason for having a health assessment is peace of mind. Although you may not feel ill right now, you may be worried about certain health issues and the earlier a condition, in particular cancer, is diagnosed the better the chance of a full recovery and often the easier it is to treat.

Just having plenty of time with a doctor to discuss your health in-depth can also be very beneficial.

You may particularly benefit from a health screening:

  • If you have any health concerns
  • Where there is a family history of illness such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer
  • If you are over the age of 50
  • Before taking up physical exercise
  • After the birth of your baby
  • After prolonged exposure to stressful situations or if you have a hectic lifestyle.

And, why have a health screening at The Holly Private Hospital?

  • All of our health assessments include a consultation with a doctor.
  • We offer a wide range of clinically proven tests with fast results.
  • Tests are reported on by specialist consultant radiologists.
  • Appointments are available every weekday and Saturdays.
  • We provide a personalised health report and practical action plan for you to keep.
  • As one of the South East’s leading private hospitals we can provide onward referral and rapid-access to consultants, if necessary.

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