Breast Health Check (mammography)

Breast screening saves lives by detecting changes in the breast tissue at an early stage when there is a good chance that treatment would be successful.

Am I suitable?

Due to the advanced MicroDose mammography we use we can now offer annual screening for women over 40 years.  Some patients continue with their NHS screening (if entitled) but choose to supplement these by having an annual breast screen at The Holly Private Hospital in between times.  

Breast checkKey features

  • A mammogram (breast x-ray) to help detect small changes in breast tissue which are too small to be felt either you or by a doctor.
  • Tests reported on by specialist consultant radiologists.
  • Fast test results.
  • A personalised health report and practical action plan to keep.
  • Onward referral and rapid-access to consultants and specialists, if necessary.

We are currently the only local healthcare provider to offer MicroDose digital mammography.  This state-of-the-art mammography can pick up the minutest of changes earlier than ever before, particularly in younger women whose breast tissue is denser, and combined with a lower dose of radiation this means that it is both beneficial and safe to screen annually.  

Your appointment

You will be seen by a radiographer who will explain the process and ask you a few questions.  You will then be asked to undress to the waist in a private changing room.  The radiographer will ask you to sit or stand, before positioning each breast in turn on the x-ray machine and gently but firmly compressing with a clear x-ray plate. 

Remember to wear a skirt or trousers rather than a dress so that you can easily undress to the waist.  Do not use talcum powder or spray deodorant because these make x-rays less clear.  You may use roll-on deodorant.

The whole visit takes about 30 minutes.  Two Consultant Radiologists, with a special interest in breast disease, will report on your mammogram.  We will contact you within 7-10 days with the result.


The innovative technology also offers a unique solution for combining breast screening and osteoporosis screening in a single examination.  Watch the video below for me details...

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