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Osteoporosis will affect around one in three women and one in five men, and is a condition which causes loss of bone mineral to a point where fractures can occur following a minor injury, such as a fall.  Such fractures can be debilitating in later life and many people will have no symptoms before a fracture occurs.

Osteoporosis Screening: Hand x-rayAm I suitable?

Bone density assessments should ideally take place around the age of 40 years to enable early detection.  You may particularly benefit if you have any of the following risk factors including:

  • Being underweight and/or excessive dieting (BMI< 19)
  • Family history - especially maternal hip fracture
  • Early menopause - surgically or naturally (<45 years)
  • Diet that is poor in calcium and/or Vitamin D
  • Long-term steroid requirement, smoking or alcohol excess
  • Previous fracture following a minor fall.

Key features

  • A hand x-ray to measure and assesses bone mineral density (BMD). 
  • Tests reported on by specialist consultant radiologists.
  • Fast test results.
  • A personalised health report and practical action plan to keep.
  • Onward referral and rapid-access to consultants and specialists, if necessary.

Your appointment

We use unique DXR technology which is a quick scan using a low dose of radiation to assess bone density.  The scan is completely painless and takes less than a minute to perform.  A report will be sent to both you and your GP.

A DXR hand scan is an easy first step towards identifying whether you are in the high-risk group for osteoporosis.  If you are, then a full DEXA scan of your lumbar spine and one of your hip joints would be recommended to provide a more accurate measurement of your bone density.  Rather than screening, full DEXA scanning is used for providing an accurate diagnosis and tracking changes in your bones from year to year.  Any future scans you have can be compared to the original and the results assessed to determine whether medication is appropriate.

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