Varicose veins

If you are troubled by unsightly, painful, inflamed or swollen varicose veins, our consultant vascular surgeons can help.

We offer a range of treatments for varicose veins including non-surgical solutions as well as laser treatment, injections, VNUS closure and surgery.

Your consultant will be able to advise on the best course of treatment for you.

The treatment options:

  • Living with your veins – your consultant will be able to advise on whether you actually need any treatment. If your veins are not painful, you may wish to avoid or delay treatment.
  • Compression stockings – your consultant will be able to give you advice on this non-surgical treatment option.
  • Laser treatment (EVLT® or ELVeS®) – this procedure is a quick, often walk-in/walk-out procedure which can be performed under local anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure. Nearly 70% of patients who have not had previous varicose vein surgery are suitable for EVLT. The advantages compared to traditional surgery are a quick return to normal activities, no incisions (scars) and very little discomfort or pain after the procedure.
  • Sclerotherapy injection – used mainly in small varicose veins or spider/thread veins with no major valve problems. An outpatient treatment which involves injecting a chemical substance into the vein that causes their walls to glue together and the veins to shrivel up.
  • VNUS Closure – is a minimally invasive treatment for superficial venous reflux. It is performed as a day case procedure under local anaesthetic, with patients experiencing little (if any) pain, a quick return to normal activities, fewer incisions and fewer complications. A heated probe is used to close the faulty vein, as a result redirecting blood through nearby healthy veins.
  • Surgery – the traditional treatment for varicose veins which involves surgically removing all the varicose veins, leaving only the normal vessels, and usually carried out by using minimally-invasive techniques.

Treatment for varicose veins is very common and over 50,000 procedures are performed in the UK annually.

Your recovery

Varicose vein surgery is a very safe operation. The majority of operations carried out for varicose veins are entirely straightforward and considering the large numbers of operations performed; serious complications are rare. However, patients may notice some bruising. You may also experience pain and soreness following the operation but this will settle over the next two weeks. Occasionally, small sensory nerves in the skin, which are close to the vein may be damaged during the operation leading to small areas of numbness or pins and needles near the incision. These often recover but, rarely, permanent numb areas remain.

Next steps

You do not necessarily need to be referred by a GP or other healthcare professional for varicose vein treatment and can make an appointment with a consultant when you like. Alternatively, you can come along to one of our FREE varicose veins information evenings.

Please note, however, that varicose vein treatment is unlikely to be covered by most health insurance policies.

FREE varicose veins information evenings & meet the expert events

We regularly host FREE varicose veins information evenings and meet the expert events for people who are considering varicose vein treatment.

  • Talk to one of our consultant vascular surgeons about the treatment options available to you.
  • Get the advice you need both before and after surgery.
  • Visit The Holly private hospital and see our facilities first hand.
  • Evenings are relaxed and informal, with light refreshments served.
  • Contact for more information

To view dates for upcoming varicose vein events and to register your interest, visit our patient events page

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