Blood tests

Sometimes your consultant or GP will recommend that you need a blood test to help them in diagnosing and treating you.

Our service

Our Outpatient department provides a phlebotomy service to take blood every weekday and Saturday mornings.  The service is quick and easy, with appointments available without delay. 

Following collection of your sample, Holly House has an onsite Pathology laboratory to analyse your blood, with results ready within 24 hours, if necessary, to help speedy diagnosis and treatment.

Your test

If you are having a blood test the following patient information sheets can be downloaded and provide useful information on preparing for your test including fasting and sample collection:

For other tests, such as urine analysis, stool sample or biological test, please see Pathology Services for further information.

Your results

Your results will be sent to the consultant, GP or other healthcare professional that referred you for the test.

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