Male infertility

Most cases of male infertility are caused by sperm disorders – either because there are too few sperm or because they are low quality in terms of motility or shape.

For this reason one of the first tests we do when we see a female and male couple is to analyse the male partners’ sperm.

A normal sperm count for fertilisation is around 20 million per millilitre. More than half the sperm cells need to be motile, and around one-third a normal shape.

Male infertility problems
Male infertility is often linked to impotence but many infertile men have perfectly healthy sexual relationships.
The most common causes of male infertility are low sperm counts and more unusually a condition known as azoospermia where the semen contains no motile sperm cells.

Obesity, smoking and drinking too much alcohol and have all been linked to poor sperm counts.

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