Hearing aid clinic

At The Holly Private Hospital, we provide a comprehensive hearing aid service starting with an assessment to identify the level of hearing loss.  Following an assessment of your lifestyle and communication needs our specialist will then make recommendations on suitable hearing aid options for you, with a report for you to discuss with family members before proceeding with the hearing aid fitting.

We offer the latest hearing aid technology, with full aftercare services for all packages.  The latest wireless accessories are available with premium hearing aids suitable for people with busy lifestyles as well as starter packages and invisible hearing aids.

Q: Do I need a hearing aid?

A: A full hearing aid assessment will identify the need for hearing aids and whether it is the right time to try them. If you are having difficulty hearing in noise and groups it is likely you have a level of hearing loss that may be improved when using hearing aids.

Q: How do I get referred for an hearing aid assessment?

A: You do not require a GP referral and self-refer for an appointment by calling 020 8396 1201.

Q: Which hearing aids would be best for me?

A: There are a range of hearing aids available with varying technology levels and sizes. Hearing aids are chosen depending on individual listening needs and severity of the hearing loss. There will be a hearing aid available to suit everyone.

Q: What aftercare is provided with hearing aid purchases?

A: Complete aftercare is provided with every hearing aid purchase. Initially a number of follow-up appointments are provided to adjust and optimise the hearing aid setting, as necessary.  A two or five year warranty (depending on the hearing aid package) is included as well as batteries for the first year.

Hearing aid clinic Consultants

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