Chin refinement

Chin refinement surgery is carried out on both men and women who feel that their chin looks too large or too small and not in proportion to the rest of their face. Sometimes a person may be considering nose reshaping due to concerns about their profile when in fact it is the profile of their chin that is weak and increasing its size will balance the overall facial profile.

There are various procedures that your consultant can carry out to refine the chin, for example:
•    removing some excess tissue
•    reducing the bone slightly
•    inserting an implant to increase the size of the chin
•    to more complicated procedures such as resetting bones.

Your consultant will advise you on the procedure most suitable for you. Scroll down to learn more about our expert team.

The procedure
Chin refinement surgery is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and an overnight stay in hospital may be required. Cuts will be made inside the mouth to either remove some of the bone and reposition the chin point or insert the implant.

You may experience some swelling initially and will need to plan time off work to rest and recover but your surgeon will advise you.

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