Labia reduction (labiaplasty)

The labia minora are the inner lips of the vagina. They come in all shapes and sizes as all women are different. If you feel uncomfortable with the size and shape of your labia then reduction surgery could help.

Your labia may be causing discomfort during activities such as cycling or walking, or during sexual intercourse. It may be that the appearance makes you feel unhappy or self-conscious. Whether you have always felt this way, or there has been a change with age or after childbirth, surgery could help.


What is a labia reduction (labiaplasty)
A labia reduction is performed under general anaesthetic and therefore will most likely require an overnight stay in hospital. The exact nature of the operation depends on the desired result and your surgeon’s recommendation but labiaplasty involves cutting away the unwanted labia tissue to the desired shape.


Your recovery
Any cuts that are made are carefully placed to prevent painful scarring along the rim of the labia and are closed with dissolving stitches.

Following vaginal surgery you can expect soreness and swelling for a few days and will need time off work to rest and recover. Penetrative sex should be avoided for several weeks.


If you are interested in this procedure, speak to one of our cosmetic surgeons about a labiaplasty and whether it could help you. 

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