Cosmetic surgery guide prices

The following guide prices include your stay at The Holly Private Hospital, all nursing and medical care and your cosmetic surgeon’s fee, meaning you will have nothing else to pay except any personal expenses such as visitors’ meals and take-home drugs.

  • Facelift – from £7,090
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) – from £6,875
  • Breast reduction – from £6,605
  • Male chest reduction (gynaecomastia)  – from £4,705
  • Breast augmentation (not including implants) – from £4,445
    Breast implants start from £1000
    Breast augmentation (including implants) – from £5,445
  • Liposuction – from £3,285
  • Eyelid reduction (upper and lower eyes) – from £4,905
  • Eyelid reduction (upper OR lower eyes) – from £3,670
  • Ear reshaping (day case pinnaplasty) – from £3,135
  • Nose reshaping (standard rhinoplasty) – from £5,210
  • Breast uplift – from £5,530
  • Breast augmentation + uplift (not including implants) – from £7,105
    Breast implants start from £1000
    Breast augmentation + uplift (including implants) – from £8,105


Prices correct at time of publishing (Jan 2019) but are subject to change. Please note the above are guide price only and prices do vary depending on the cosmetic surgeon performing the surgery. Charges for final treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and the treatment you receive and which consultant you choose. Don’t forget to ask about your bill before any treatments.

Prices for other procedures and discounts for combinations of procedures are also available. Please call 020 8936 1157 for further information and a specific quote.