Supportive care

Patients receiving cancer treatments at The Holly Private Hospital are also able to access a full range of supportive care services including:

  • private GP services
  • pain management specialists
  • our dietician who can provide specialist nutritional advice and dietary support to patients undergoing cancer
  • our physiotherapy team who can offer physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as a range of complimentary therapies including acupuncture and stress management treatments
  • our team of psychologists and counsellors who can offer emotional support to you and your family should you need this.

The Holly Private Hospital also has an onsite diagnostics department, pathology laboratory and onsite pharmacy with highly experienced staff who work with the cancer care team to deliver the highest standards of care.

Staying in contact with you 
We think that one of the most important parts of cancer care is actually keeping in touch with you and being available for a chat or to keep you up-to-date with the latest information on cancer and cancer treatments when you need it.

When you come to The Holly Private Hospital for cancer care we will give you contact details for your consultant doctors and our specialist oncology nurses who are there to support you when you need them.

Are you insured?

The Holly Private Hospital is recognised by all the major medical insurers and as a private patient you will enjoy the benefits of our premium service.

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Not insured?

Patients who wish to pay for their own consultation and treatment can book a self-pay appointment today.

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