Going home

You will be advised by your consultant or nurse how long you will need to stay in hospital for and when you can go home.  On the day of discharge you will usually be discharged and asked to vacate your room by 10am.

We strongly recommend that you ask a friend or relative to collect you as you should not drive your car for at least 24 hours after surgery.  Alternatively, we can arrange a taxi for you.

Remember, for the first 24 hours after your operation:

  • Do not drive a motor vehicle (if you have stitches it may be longer, please check your motor insurance policy)
  • Do not use any heavy equipment
  • Do not make any important decisions, for example signing a legal document
  • Do not take sleeping tablets unless prescribed by your consultant
  • Do not drink alcohol.

Follow-up care

If you need to see your consultant again following your discharge, an outpatient appointment will be made before you leave or you will be notified of your appointment as soon as possible after your discharge.  Following your discharge, if you have any concerns or questions or are in need of advice, please do not hesitate to call your consultant or their secretary, our Duty Sister or your GP.

Your feedback

At Holly House Hospital, we are committed to providing the very best possible patient experience and your feedback is a really important way of helping us to achieve this.

On admission you will be given a Patient Feedback Questionnaire to complete.  We encourage you to take the opportunity to let us know your impressions of the care you received at Holly House.  More than 1,600 surveys are returned every year to Holly House Hospital and every single survey is read and reviewed, with any compliments forwarded directly to the staff involved in your care.  Opportunities for improvement are also identified and any issues brought to our attention are addressed.

Alternatively, please let us know what you think about the hospital and any aspect of the service we provide using our online feedback form.

Any questions?

If you have any questions prior to admission, please call us on 020 8936 1200.

Download our Patient Guide

Premium+ patients (pdf 1MB)

NHS patients (pdf 998KB)

If you would like a copy the Patient Guide in large print or an alternative language, please call 020 8936 1214.