Outpatient services

The outpatient’s department at The Holly Private Hospital offers a wide range of healthcare services from our private GP service to dermatology and counselling.

As part of your treatment, you may need to attend the Outpatients clinic to see your consultant oncologist or another member of the team. Sometimes you may need to see more than one healthcare professional during your visit to the hospital.

Other people who work in the outpatient’s department include:

  • Other consultant doctors (who work in a variety of specialities)
  • GPs
  • Nurses
  • Phlebotomists (who take blood)
  • Healthcare assistants
  • Pharmacists
  • Dieticians
  • Counsellors

When visiting the Outpatient’s clinic you might be asked to have an x-ray, scan or another test in order to give your consultant oncologist more information about your health. You’ll need to visit our Diagnostic and Imaging department to have these tests. The doctor or nurse may also take some of your blood or other samples for further testing.

Staff in our Pathology Department will carry out all tests and analysis of your blood and samples onsite. Therefore you don’t have to wait long for tests and can often get results the same day or within 24 hours.

Are you insured?

The Holly Private Hospital is recognised by all the major medical insurers and as a private patient you will enjoy the benefits of our premium service.

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Not insured?

Patients who wish to pay for their own consultation and treatment can book a self-pay appointment today.

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