Our aims and values

“Our mission is to provide first-class independent healthcare for the local community in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own families.”

Our strategic aims

  • To be the healthcare provider of choice for patients in our local and wider community by providing exceptional clinical and patient-centred care.

  • To work with leading consultants who are experts in their field and who are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare.

  • To build an outstanding team of people who share our core values and passion, and are empowered to deliver exceptional healthcare.

  • To continually invest in our people, facilities and technology and to encourage learning and innovation, so we can deliver safe, responsive and effective healthcare at all times.

  • To be a key driver of health promotion and general well-being for the local community by working closely with local schools, employers and businesses.

Our values

Beyond Compliance

  • Going above and beyond to improve our business
  • Being recognised for outstanding
  • Being better than the rest
  • Committed to going the extra mile; doing more than just enough
  • Articulating your point of view; speak up when you believe it’s right or wrong
  • Aspire to be the best in all we do and giving my very best

Personalised Attention

  • Taking time to care for others​
  • Recognising that one size does not fit all
  • Respect me – Treat me as an individual
  • Hear me – Take time to listen
  • See me – Make me feel special
  • Ask me – Don’t assume you know what I want
  • Acknowledge me – for my effort

Partnership and Teamwork

  • Inclusive and collaborative
  • Be positive
  • Be coordinated and collaborative
  • Be considerate towards colleagues
  • Be honest and respectful in communications
  • Be clear about goals and objectives
  • Be open minded to others' views
  • Be inclusive

Investing in Excellence

  • Working to be the best​
  • Investing to improve
  • Investing in our people
  • Investing in yourself – Be the best you can be
  • Investing in quality outcomes
  • Investing in the future

Always with Integrity

  • Respected, admired and reliable​
  • Do the right thing
  • Be fair and honest
  • Be willing to learn
  • Have courage to change
  • Speak out when you should
  • Consider the consequences of your actions
  • Be respectful to others and yourself