Dupuytrens disease

Dupuytren's contracture causing deformity of fingers

The details about Dupuytren’s disease

Dupuytren’s disease is recognised by the scar-like marks on the palms and fingers.  The tissue can become fibrous and cause the fingers to curl towards the palm. This condition is known as Dupuytren’s contracture.

Surgery benefits

Following surgery your fingers will be straighter and you will be able to use your hand again.

Alternative treatments

A needle aponeurotomy is one possibility but there is a considerable risk that the condition will return.

A second possibility is an injection of a new drug called collagenase but there is little evidence yet to confirm how effective this is.

Surgery is currently the best tried-and-tested treatment.

Details of the operation

There are a number of anaesthetic possibilities depending on the surgery. One option is to cut the band of fibrous scarring on your palm. Alternatively, all the affected skin can be removed and a skin graft used to complete the procedure.

Side-effects in general

  • Pain
  • Surgical wound infection
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring

Side-effects specific to this procedure

  • Surgery fails to fully correct the condition
  • An artery in the finger is damaged
  • Inflexibility in the finger joints
  • The disease returns
  • Problems healing the surgical wound
  • Lack of feeling in the affected area
  • Complex regional pain syndrome indicated by chronic pain, stiffness and loss of use of the hand

Time to recover

Gentle exercise of the hand and fingers should help the return of normal activities sooner but make sure that your exercise regime is approved by your doctor or medical team. You may find it takes a little time for your hand to feel normal again.


Straightened fingers and a more mobile hand are the expected results of a Dupuytren’s fasciectomy procedure.

Acknowledgements: EIDO Healthcare Ltd

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