Hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a common type of surgery where a painful hip joint (usually as a result of arthritis) is replaced by an artificial hip joint (known as a prosthesis).

Surgery is usually carried out when all other treatment options have failed to provide adequate pain relief.

The advantages of surgery

Less pain and better movement are the positive results from a total hip replacement surgery.

All about the operation

Hip replacement

With a selection of anaesthetic techniques available, your surgeon will decide on the best one for you. For the operation an incision will be made to the hip so that access can be gained and the damaged ball and socket removed. The artificial hip implant may either be a metal stem and metal acetabular cup with ceramic on ceramic bearing, or a metal stem and metal acetabular cup with a polyethylene (hard plastic) lining. The new artificial hip may or may not be secured with acrylic cement depending on your age, bone quality and consultant preference.

The new ball and socket will be bonded to the bone either via a special coating on the new ball and socket or using acrylic cement. This surgery is likely to take between one and one and a half hours.


After surgery

Recovery time in hospital is between three and seven days. You will need to use walking aids for the first few weeks.

Exercise regularly for the best results, but do get advice about your exercise plan from your doctor first.

Total hip replacement surgery has a good success rate with patients making positive recovery, feeling less pain and becoming more mobile. However, good care should be taken of the new artificial hip so that any deterioration is kept to a minimum. This is because, like a normal hip joint, an artificial one has a finite life.

To sum up

Although injury or rheumatoid arthritis can be the reason for arthritis of the hip joint, often there is no recognisable cause.

However, total hip replacement could relieve you of harsh pain, restricted mobility and disability so that you can walk normally again.

Acknowledgements: EIDO Healthcare Limited

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