New Voice Clinic at The Holly

The Holly Private Hospital is very pleased to inform you that we have launched a new Voice Clinic, led by Mr Abir Bhattacharyya, Consultant ENT Surgeon and supported by Speech Therapist Mr Tom Butler.

The new Voice Clinic will offer much needed support to people affected by voice disorders such as ongoing hoarseness or dysphonia.

Speaking about the new clinic, Mr Bhattacharyya said: “Our Voice Clinic offers patients something completely different because of our multidisciplinary approach. Patients coming to the clinic will be assessed jointly by both a Consultant ENT doctor and a speech therapist. The specialists will work together to evaluate individual patients and deliver the best treatment approach.”

Patients attending the Voice Clinic will have a thorough assessment of their voice box by Mr Bhattacharyya using specialist imaging equipment and be assessed by our speech and language therapist. In some cases further imaging or blood tests may also be required. Treatment may involve medical, surgical, and behavioural interventions including speech therapy or a combination of all three treatment types.

The Voice Clinic is held on alternate Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm to 7.30pm in the Out-patients Department. 

To make an appointment, telephone The Holly appointments team on 020 8936 1201.

What are voice disorders?
It is estimated that between 3 – 10% of the general population are affected by voice disorders, with the main symptom being hoarseness or dysphonia (an alteration in voice quality). Voice disorders can affect anyone but are more common amongst people who use their voice a lot in their day to day life. These so called ‘voice professionals’ include people who depend on their voice for their profession for example, teachers, singers, lawyers, trainers, lecturers and even doctors.

Most cases of hoarseness are due to viral infections or overuse of the voice and the problem will get better over a few days. However you should see a doctor if have been hoarse for longer than three weeks, particularly if you are or have been a smoker.

About Mr Abir Bhattacharyya
Mr Abir Bhattacharyya, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Royal College Surgical Tutor & Associate Director of Medical Education at Whipps Cross University Hospital, London has a special interest in management of Voice Disorders. He runs a Voice Clinic at Whipps Cross University Hospital and is faculty on national and international Phonosurgery, Voice and Laryngology courses. He has edited postgraduate textbooks on Laryngology and written undergraduate ENT textbooks for GPs, junior doctors and medical students.

About Mr Thomas Butler 
Thomas Butler is an experienced speech and language therapist. He specialises in treating voice disorders and dysfluency (including stammering). He is based as Barts Health NHS Trust but holds private clinics at The Holly. He is a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language  Therapists (RCSLT) and the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Date: 24/06/2016