Important information for patients – Introducing car park charges

From Monday 26 June 2017 we will be introducing a Pay and Display system in our car park to discourage unauthorised parking and improve parking availability for our patients.

The Pay and Display system will be managed by Gemini Parking Solutions Ltd who will install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. Cameras will photograph car number plates entering the hospital grounds and the system will calculate parking fees owed.

All patients and visitors using the car park will be liable for car parking fees and must use the Pay and Display system to settle any charges. There will be a limited time frame for short stay vehicles to make drop offs or pickups from the Hospital with no charge. Consultants working at the hospital  will be exempt.

Why are you making these changes?
Car parking spaces at the hospital are limited and we need to prioritise them for people using the hospital. We have unauthorised vehicles from the local area parking onsite, which reduces the number of available parking spaces for our consultants and patients.

How can I pay?
You can pay at the Pay and Display machines using coins and we will introduce card payments at a later date. As private (self-pay and insured patients) patients already pay hospital fees for the use of our facilities they will be issued with a special code when booking their appointment, to use against car parking charges. Private patients can also ask for this code at front reception. Please note that the code will change at regular intervals. Please be aware that parking is subject to availability and if you cannot find a space in our car park we will not cover any costs for parking in an external location.

What are the charges?
Car parking rates are lower than many of our local NHS hospitals, so you are not being charged extra.

Hours Rate
0 – 2 Hours £2.00
2 – 4 Hours £3.50
4 – 6 Hours £5.00
6 – 8 Hours £7.00
24 Hours £13.00

If a vehicle is found not making a payment for the duration of stay or found using an unauthorised space (disabled  or ambulance bays) Gemini Parking Solutions will issue a parking charge notice. The fine will be £100.00 reduced to £60 if paid within fourteen days. The hospital will not get involved in any disputes between Gemini Parking Solution and patrons.

What will you do with the money charged?
Money collected will be used for maintenance and upkeep of the car park and hospital facilities.

Date: 31/03/2017