Holly House scores a first launching new 3D Gait Analysis service


Holly House Hospital has become the first UK hospital to introduce an assessment tool that can get to the root of bone and joint injuries quicker.

The hospital is now able to offer patients the 3D Gait Analysis service which was developed in Canada by Run 3D and has been introduced to the UK by scientists at Oxford University.

The tool allows sportspeople, or anyone suffering discomfort when they walk or jog, the unique ability to discover their biomechanical function, which is impossible to detect by the naked eye.  3D Gait Analysis uses infrared cameras to precisely measure the joint angles and rotations of patients’ hips, knees and ankles in 3D.  A computer programme processes the information and compares it to a database of hundreds of runners, to show where patients fall in terms of the ‘normal’ range of movement.

Mr Trevor Prior, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon at Holly House Hospital, said: “This is one of the most exciting advances in gait assessment and I am pleased we are at the forefront of bringing this new technology to UK patients.  We brought this assessment tool into Holly House so that we can treat our patients more effectively.  Having this 3D information allows us to see immediately where the root of the problem lies, so we can give much more targeted treatment.”

“With this technology we are able to pick up the cause of the problem first, instead of working backwards with physio and treating the area that feels injured, the 3D information may tell us for example a patient’s left foot is sore as their hip is moving out of place.  The tool gives a unique insight into injury as it can spot even subtle problems, so in the long run we are helping patients save a lot of time and money.  But, it is also a technology we are encouraging sportspeople to use before an injury occurs as the 3D imaging allows people to take an in-depth look at their running style and see if there are any biomechanical imbalances they can correct.”


Date: 19/06/2013