Outstanding cancer care services in a warm, caring and welcoming environment

At The Holly Private Hospital, Essex, we're committed to providing you with the highest levels of personalised cancer care services in comfortable, friendly and relaxing surroundings. 

We closely work with you to support your individual choices and preferences in a warm, caring and supportive environment.




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Cancer testing and screening

We offer a range of cancer health checks including bowel cancer screening, breast screening (mammography), cervical, prostate and skin cancer health check.

Cancer surgery and procedures

Some types of cancer can be treated with surgery. If surgery forms part of your treatment you will be admitted to Holly House Hospital either as a day patient or a longer inpatient.


Our new purpose built chemotherapy suite is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment needed to deliver complex cancer treatment in comfortable and relaxed surroundings.

Outpatient cancer services

As a cancer patient at Holly House you may need to attend the Outpatients clinic to see your consultant oncologist or another member of the team.

Supportive care

Patients receiving cancer treatments at Holly House Hospital are also able to access a full range of supportive care services

Cancer symptom management

Our multi-disciplinary team work in partnership to provide you with the highest standards of cancer care and to help you manage the symptoms associated with cancer and your cancer treatment.

Our cancer care facilities

Our dedicated oncology team offers treatment for many different types of cancer in the comfortable and private surroundings of Holly House Hospital. Our facilities include...

Our cancer team

Our expert cancer care team at The Holly Private Hospital is led by some of the UK’s leading consultant oncologists and surgeons who are experts in cancer and cancer-related conditions.