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Welcome to The Holly Health Blog


Dear Reader,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Holly’s new blog on all things health and wellbeing, and for updates from our award-winning hospital.

We’ll be updating this blog with content from our world-renowned Consultants and our fantastic staff as well as our hard-working management team – all in one place on our website with a brand new design. We hope you like it.

At The Holly, we’re incredibly passionate about delivering exceptional healthcare. Our people are at the heart of this work, and we’re excited to share a broad range of content with you through this platform. From advice, tips and FAQs written by our leading Consultants to information about the ways we are empowering our staff through our wellness initiatives, this new blog is the place to receive all the latest information from our hospital.

And we have a lot to share. In recent years we have transformed how things are done at The Holly, putting staff engagement, patient safety and patient satisfaction at the centre of our work. One of the ways we’ve achieved this has been through our award-winning Project FIRST initiative, which incorporated our five-year business plan and clinical strategy, a culture change programme and the ‘6Es’ rewards and recognition scheme.

I’m also incredibly proud of our work in launching the Aspen People Academy (APA), an employee development programme designed to develop managers and nurture future leaders. An award-winning initiative that includes classroom training, online sessions, and self-paced learned, the APA has received brilliant feedback from those who have undertaken the programme. The APA initiative won a prestigious Gold prize in the ‘Employee Training and Development’ category at the 2020 UK Employee Experience Awards. Demand remains high and we’re looking forward to resuming the programme following an enforced break due to Covid. Finally – an area close to my heart – we recently launched ‘Holly Health and Wellbeing’ – a new wellbeing strategy focusing on how we can best look after our people. Because none of our work is possible without a happy, healthy and positive workforce.

I also need to mention the past 12 months, and the remarkable efforts of our staff across The Holly in supporting the local NHS and our communities in the fight against Covid. As you may know, we committed our teams, resources and equipment to the health service to help fight the virus – and we remain on the front-lines, doing what we can alongside our NHS partners to deliver important care and treatments.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of news, updates and information to bring you – and I’m excited that we can do so through this new blog. You’ll get behind-the-scenes information about The Holly, learn more about the brilliant people who keep The Holly ticking over, and find out what it’s like to work here.

Our first blogs epitomise this commitment to your health and general wellness. You can read about glaucoma, the ‘silent thief of sight’, the signs and symptoms of depression in males, or check out the work of our physiotherapy team who have developed an article about preventing and treating neck pain during lockdown – with handy photos and videos to help demonstrate!

Of course, we’ll be updating our blog on a regular basis, so do check back for new items and content. We’d also like to hear your thoughts and views on our blogs – the best way is by engaging with us on one of our social media channels. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, so please do give us a follow and get involved. We would love to hear from you.

David Henderson

Hospital Director, The Holly Private Hospital

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